Dear Terri

Since you are basically the only person who reads this I figure I’d just speak to you directly. Since Mr Shann started working  I think my head has spun in a thousand different directions, yet, I’ve managed to stay sane which is far more than some people I know and love are able to do […]

Kids and Doctors

Yesterday I had to take my oldest child to her cardiologist to find out if she will be cleared for surgery on her knee she so desperately needs due to a torn meniscus. Much to our surprise the doctor said that her valve, even though it’s 12 years old, should be good for another 3-5 years […]

6 months later

He was unemployed about 6 months to the day and Monday he goes to Salt Lake City for training for the job he finally was offered and accepted. When I look back on the blog I wrote a month after he was laid off I see the job he was offered is pretty much what […]

Catching up

In 2012 my husband got this ridiculous idea to run for city council and to be honest it’s mostly a blur and seems like it was even longer than 4 years ago, probably because I hated the whole thing and I hate it even more now. I told him that I didn’t want him to […]

Hello Friend

I can always count on your being here when my thoughts are too heavy and overflowing for my brain to contain. I’ve thought about checking in just about every day for the last week and have resisted. I have too much to say and most of it I am learning just needs to stay where […]