My amazing friend sent me this link to this blog post this morning and asked me what I thought about it.(Go read it. Seriously) The Modesty Debate If I didn’t have an entire day that I needed to be a functioning adult I imagine I would be on my knees, face to the ground sobbing […]

Small circles, broken hearts

During this lenten season I’ve been kind of disconnected from everyone not being on facebook and I’m learning just as I do every year, that life will certainly go on without you if you are not put into the center of it with those you care about. My social life is pretty non existent on […]

If Jesus were tulips

   When we walked out today to do life I noticed a single white tulip had bloomed in my little garden. I planted bulbs years ago and always enjoy the blossoms in spring, mostly because I never know what colors they will be. Seems they change every year depending on the minerals from the rain […]

Twenty Eight

Oh how Christian of you…. San Francisco’s Largest Evangelical Megachurch to Allow Non-Celibate Homosexuals to Be Members Show me ONE member of a Christian Church who doesn’t have ANY unrepentant sin… Just one. I’ll wait…..

Twenty Three

I use to complain about working with women in the grocery store probably on a weekly basis, sometimes daily because I seriously thought there couldn’t possibly be anything worse. Women are catty hags out for their own best interest and don’t give half a crap who they have to take down in the process. Now, […]