Looking ahead as a future millennial parent

I never gave much thought to the time I would have to make a decision on how to react to being in a situation as a Christian parent of a tweenager. It seems trivial to most I’m sure but the truth be told I have never been more serious about my proclamation for being a […]

Be Not Afraid Young Lion

When I was young and even sometimes now, I was always afraid. I can remember vividly as far back as being 2 years old things that happened or that I experienced at those ages. I remember when my sister was being born and I was in the hospital waiting room with my Papa Rance, crying […]

Reasons we need to NOT argue over our differing opinions about “hot topics” on facebook news feeds like angry religious lunatics speaking to rocks… that will eventually be thrown in your face.

This morning I read some of the outrage happening between Christians and non, who are just appalled that the Duggars reality show was removed from TLC. I laugh. Little does this unbelieving world know, removing this family from their network isn’t going to damage the Duggars one bit because they serve Jesus and He alone is […]

Youth Ministry? Not just yet grasshopper.

I will never understand depression. I will probably never research the dynamics and malfunctions of the brain that cause these flip flops of mine and I am grateful that most of the time I am either manic or hypo-manic and rarely depressed. Unfortunately this is one of those times where whatever is happening in my […]