45 And Fading

In 21 days I will turn 45 years old and my body feels like that of a 70 year old. I have osteoarthritis in my hips and spine. I have degenerative disks in my lower spine. I have a torn ligament in my right groin that 5 orthopedics have told me they will not operate […]

Dear Terri

Since you are basically the only person who reads this I figure I’d just speak to you directly. Since Mr Shann started working  I think my head has spun in a thousand different directions, yet, I’ve managed to stay sane which is far more than some people I know and love are able to do […]

Kids and Doctors

Yesterday I had to take my oldest child to her cardiologist to find out if she will be cleared for surgery on her knee she so desperately needs due to a torn meniscus. Much to our surprise the doctor said that her valve, even though it’s 12 years old, should be good for another 3-5 years […]

6 months later

He was unemployed about 6 months to the day and Monday he goes to Salt Lake City for training for the job he finally was offered and accepted. When I look back on the blog I wrote a month after he was laid off I see the job he was offered is pretty much what […]