Giving thanks for the suffering

Sitting at my desk in a cloud of deep blue fumes cold and sore, watching the desert trees and plants being blown side to said by the gusty winds today and knowing that the wind chill is going to make it feel even colder outside then it already is, which will probably make every joint […]

Because “But God”

I had a very challenging day yesterday and there were an array of reasons to trigger a meltdown and I’m sitting here today, listening to the Angel game on SiriusXM since they are playing in Toronto, reflecting. It’s at these moments of realization when I see clearly the work the Lord is doing in me, […]

Six(point two)

The short story, because I’m watching Walking Dead since I missed it last night being consumed by the Oscars. I went to see my doctor to have some lovely lady lumps checked out and she sent me with rush orders to have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. She found a “cyst” on my right ta […]