Thanks Louis CK

And this was the moment it all came to light..  If someone would have told me that Louis CK could be the human that brought my self loathing to a screeching halt I would have never believed them. Even before watching this episode of Louie I heard him do a bit about being 40 and […]

Small circles, broken hearts

During this lenten season I’ve been kind of disconnected from everyone not being on facebook and I’m learning just as I do every year, that life will certainly go on without you if you are not put into the center of it with those you care about. My social life is pretty non existent on […]

Wait. WHY am I fasting?

I’m going to be honest here(like anyone who reads my blogs should assume I’d be otherwise) I’m not real sure why I decided to fast from Facebook this year. I might even begin to be thinking it’s stupid and I am really struggling with the idea of it all. I will be honest(again) when that […]

Life and Death to a kid

Over the weekend my friend died from complications of chemotherapy treatments at the age of 42. She was less than 2 months younger than I am and my heart is absolutely broken. I’ve been so busy over the weekend that I didn’t have a whole lot of time to process her passing even though it […]